About Handep

For as long as time knows, Kalimantan has been the center of world’s biodiversity, home to world’s oldest forest, and the jewel of our earth. With its dense forest canopy, the rich tradition of its indigenous habitants, to the gemstones hiding under its land, the island of Kalimantan – widely known as Borneo, is a precious jewel that has preserved the world’s balance for centuries.

Today, with rapid globalization, the island is moving forward with it, to the extent of losing its natural identity. The exponential development of extractive industry has caused high rate of deforestation, inter-generational knowledge gap, decline in sustainable forest-based products, and incapability to supply adequate amount of food to its people. Not only that, a lot of Dayak people are evicted from their own lands.

This situation has called Randi Julian Miranda; a proud Dayak, born in Kalimantan himself, to take action. Handep was born out of the intention to help reconnect our fellow Dayak people to their rich lands and forests, to help the people be capable to sustain their local resources. All while adding value to what they have, and economically grow together as a community.

The name Handep is borrowed from the Dayak ngaju dialect, which as a whole means the spirit of working together and helping each other as a family or community. We are reconnecting the people closest to us, to not only the lands and forest around them, but to their long-lived tradition and values, in respect of nature and to preserve the world they live in, as it should be.

Our Vision

Creating a locally sensitive and sustainable development through added value creation to local Kalimantan forest-based and agricultural products.

How We Work

Handep collaborates with local community to re-embrace their tradition and combine it with modern sustainability science. We are working together to build capacity in crafting non-timber forest products (NTFPs) into wearable arts and sustainable agriculture.

At the heart of our business, we do fair trade with our partner weavers and farmers by giving fair prices for their products which are generally undervalued by middlemen. We also give back a significant proportion of our profit to the local communities in the forms of capacity building and infrastructure development.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Handep supports the core goals of sustainable development.
We specifically contribute to some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including goal 1, 5, 8, 12 and 13.
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Our core team is made up by young Dayaks who grew up in Kalimantan and ventured to various places to pursue their studies but decided to come back and grow together with their community.

Randi Julian Miranda

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Randi is an avid environmentalist and community development practitioner, with extensive experience in project management, community facilitation, and communication. He obtained his Master’s degree in Environment and Development Study at the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2018.

Liza Apriani

Co-founder & Chief Community and Operating Officer (CCOO)

Liza has been actively involved in green youth movements across Central Kalimantan since her university days. One of her prominent work is the Earth Hour Central Kalimantan chapter, as one of the movement initiators.

Yoan Taway

Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Yoan is a creative and design enthusiast with extensive working experience in fashion and florist industry. She graduated top of her class in Fashion Degree at Susan Budihardjo School. As a woman who embodies modern lifestyle but also coming from a very ethnically rich background, Yoan’s works reflect the interface of traditional and modern aesthetic. Her designs are inspired by cultures, people, arts, nature, music and her Dayak heritage.

Cecilia Evita

Advisor for Business Development

Evi is a project management and sustainability specialist with extensive experience working for reputable companies and International Non-Government Organizations (NGOs). She has worked with several organizations focusing on sustainable development through which she developed extensive knowledge and experience in responsible supply chain and ethical business which she is applying into Handep. Also, throughout her job, she had the chance to travel both across Indonesia and overseas that shaped her huge interest in inequality issues, especially in rural areas.

Rudi Hartono

Advisor for Business Finance

Rudi is a young actuary who obtained his postgraduate degree in Actuarial Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia and in Mathematics Education at Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Additionally, he also worked as an actuary in a consulting company in Indonesia. He is always passionate about quantitative and predictive analytics to forecast business/finance.