Frequently Asked Question
1 How to purchase Handep’s products? You can purchase our products both online and offline For online purchase, simply go to our Handep-shop .
2 How to become Handep’s business partner? We do several types of partnership
  • Wholesaler
  • Consignment
  • Brand collaboration
3 How are our products made? Our products are hand crafted using traditional Dayak weaving technique
4 What are our products made of? Our eco-fashion products are made of 80% rattan (natural fibre) and 20% additional materials such as fabric, and faux leather. Learn 8 facts about Handep.
5 Where can I get Handep products offline? We have some consignment or partner stores in Kalimantan and Bali. Here is the list of our partner stores:
Bali: Kalimantan: Jakarta:
6 Domestic shipping? We do nation-wide shipping using the following shipment companies:
  • JNE
  • TIKI
  • JNT
Shipping cost varies depending on distance; please go to respective company website to check the fare.
7 International shipping? We do worldwide shipping using the following services:
  • DHL
  • Kantor Pos (Post Office) Indonesia
Shipping cost varies depending on distance; please go to respective company website to check the fare. However, Handep does not cover any tax incurred from the purchase.
8 How if I found any defects after I purchased your product? Even though we believe in the durability of our products, but errors or mistakes do happen. If you found any damages on our products within 30 days after your purchase, please contact us, tell us how you found the damages and attach your purchase receipt. We will give you 2 options:
  • You can send us the product for us to be repaired, we will cover the delivery cost.
  • You can ask for a refund, but we will still need you to send us the defect products. We will cover the delivery cost.
If you accidentally damaged our products, you can send the items to us for repairment. However, You will need to cover the delivery cost.
9 Why does Handep claim to use fair trade principle and give back to the community?
  • For every piece of the products, we only take 20-30% of profit margin. We make sure that the women who make so much effort, energy and time into the products are rewarded fairly;
  • We share a significant proportion of our profit to the partner weavers and farmers in the forms of capacity building and village infrastructure development.
10 Does Handep have any certificates on quality, environment, etc? We do not have one at the moment, but we self-regulate our operations to ensure compliance with sustainability principles. For example:
  • Eco-friendly materials; we use 80% biodegradable martials i.e. rattan which is a type of sustainable palm growing in the tropical rainforests;
  • Supply chain transparency and traceability; the weavers and farmers source all the rattan materials sustainably from the forests or gardens. We know exactly where they are sourced from and we know who makes what;
  • Eco-friendly production process; our processes are mostly handmade, using traditional tools that require no fossil fuel at all;
  • We are free of child labour;